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The choice of your cuff depends on your desires and your tastes.

If you have yet a wish precisely, you can submit it to us, we can create cuff of your expectation.

Therefor, it is chosen by how you wanna close it, with buttons or cufflinks, to discover and test classical cuffs, click on the links bellow :

  • If you prefer a button closure, go for the buttoned cuff, also called sports cuffs.
  • If you prefer a closure with cufflinks, go for the French cuff
    The French cuff is most commonly folded on itself, unlike the buttoned cuff, but there are alternatives. We also offer French cuffs that do not fold, more current. They have the appearance of buttoned cuffs but close with cufflinks.
  • If you prefer a button closure, but if you like the spirit of the French cuffs for its flap, the Napolitan cuff has a French cuff appearance but closes with buttons. 
  • If you like to go from one to the other, discover in our shop, the mixed cuff. Both buttoned or with cufflinks thanks to a small manipulation.

Finally, on the aesthetic point, we make a 5mm stitching that maintains and strengthens the cuff. You can choose to make this stitch at 1mm from the edge for a more sophisticated effect, or for more dressed shirts. You can also choose to unpair your cuffs from your shirt, either the entire cuff or only inside of the cuff, by choosing another fabric in our range.

All buttonholes can be made by hand, on request.


Click to discover some of our models.

  • French Cuff
  • Button Cuff
  • Napolitan Cuff
  • Mixed Cuffs