maison courtot, chemise sur mesure Paris


Of all the accessories, pocket or handkerchief is the one that will give to your outfit the elegance and sophistication that you are looking for.
Small in size but big with the multitude of possible folds, it will become a standard for your wardrobe and will have no secret for you.

As usual, the Maison Courtot selected, with care, a range of pockets and handkerchiefs, 100% made in France, by Maison Simonnot-Godard. Now, in our store, Rue de Rennes.



Founded in 1987 by Sir Beaurain, the house acquired its pedigree in men luxury with his expertise in weaving cotton, linen and / or silk, all Roulot by hand.

Price: 50 €



Perhaps, even a mysterious object for you, but don't worry, here's a decryption.

The first approach, the simplest is to match his handkerchief with his tie or bow tie.
But remember that this accessory is a possibility for you to bring a contrast to your outfit and therefore give you a slightly more sophisticated side. So it can complete your outfit so just choose the pattern and with a totally different color of your tie, together with your shirt for example, or with your socks for the most experienced.

Then the question of folding: you can find many folding, here are the most common, explained step by step in a short video.


To wear without moderation, but ... The collective unconscious keeps the image of the handkerchief as a sign of confidence; it can be misinterpreted in a job interview or for exemple on your first day of work ...

It's your turn !